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To ensure that every participant receives the maximum benefit from our service, please take the time to read through the following Terms and Conditions, relevant to the FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY. 

All participants must abide by the General Terms and Conditions of the FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY program. Management reserves the right to refuse entry, suspend or cancel a membership without refund, or request any person to leave the premises if that person does not behave in a responsible manner, uses abusive language, is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or does not adhere to the general conditions of entry. Parents coaching from the sidelines is prohibited. Every effort will be made to adhere to the timetable of bookings, but FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY reserves the right to change and alter classes, as necessary.

 • All associated fees per term booking for each swimmer must be paid in full at registration and prior to start. Overdue payments may incur a %10 late fee. Holiday intensive programmes will be available in between terms at an additional cost. These blocks also require payment prior to commencement. All payments can be made at the kiosk (reception) via CREDIT CARD, CASH, payment methods, over the phone or via the INTRAC Booking system via the FAA Website. All fees and Passes are non-refundable. Please note that any credits that are not used up after 1 year, will not be refunded. 

• If a family has more than 3 children enrolled in FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY at the same time, a discount applies to the 4th child at 25% 

• Certificates of participation and achievement are accessible from the instructor when a level is achieved. Students will progress through levels of the program as they attain and consistently demonstrate the listed skills with confidence. The rate at which each student progresses is on an individual basis and will be accessed and communicated openly through our experienced instructors and coaches. Please note additional charges will apply at the time the swimmer proceeds to the next step on our pathway. 

• All FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY customers should report to Reception if they need to make any changes to their current situation, such as changes in address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, email address, medical information, etc. 

• If your child cannot attend their regular lesson or you would like to permanently MOVE your child’s booking, email, or come and see us in the office. Please allow 24 hours’ notice for non-attendance or you forfeit your lesson.
• We are unable to hold spots due to demand, a holding fee of $12.00 can be paid to secure a class booking, $15.00 for a private lesson. 

• Regular and consistent attendance is essential to assist the development and attainment of skills for each swimmer. We highly recommend 2 lessons per week for learn to swim members who would like to progress quickly. It is recommended that all squad members ensure that they attend the recommended sessions relevant to their allocated squad. Attendance must be punctual and prior to the lesson/squad commencing to ensure minimal disruption for all. 

LTS Parents-Make -Up Policy
Make-up lessons are available if you advise us before your lesson has commenced. If your away please call the swim school on 0448 482 444,or email or come see us in person on the week before during your normal lesson. You are entitled to 2 make-up lessons per term, per child. Make-up lessons do not carry over from one term to the next. 

Do not have make-ups, missed lessons do not carry over into the holiday program or a new term. Simply pick another session time for your missed lesson during the current term at your nearest convenience. 

Medical Certificate

In the event of extended illness, please provide a Doctor’s Certificate and we will on an individual basis. Extended illness refers to an absence greater than 2 weeks (continuous) which cannot be covered by make-up lessons. 

• To book a private lesson, a minimum of 3 consecutive paid lessons is required.
• Cost - $50 for 30 minutes one on one, double private $70.00
• If your teacher is away a teacher of equal ability and qualifications will be available without notice. If you choose to not attend your Private Lesson with a replacement teacher, that will be at your cost and you will forfeit your lesson.
• 24 hours’ notice is needed if you are unable to make the lesson due to illness – A $15 fee will be applied to any makeups to cover the cost of the teacher. 

Each swimmer is required to wear appropriate clean and suitable swimming attire in the swimming pool. All students need to wear a cap and goggles for training. This applies to all the groups from Turtles through to Dolphins. We request that children up to the age of 24 months and non-toilet trained must wear a swim nappy with elastic waist and leg bands. Please note that we will not lend out spare goggles or caps due to Health and Safety reasons; however, caps, goggles and general swim equipment will be available at the Centre Kiosk for purchase. All swimmers must come prepared and equipped for each lesson. **Due to Health Regulations, all students in parent and child classes will need to wear a disposable swim nappy and a swim nappy pant over the top of their disposable nappy to participate in swimming lessons** 

Cold/Flu/Cough Sickness Policy: 
Please note that we cannot allow sick children/students to attend swimming lessons due to them infecting other children and our Swimming Teachers. If your child is sick with flu like symptoms that include coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fatigue or has green/yellow mucus please do not bring them to swimming lessons. We reserve the right to remove any children/student from swimming lessons that might be infectious. All CURRENT COVID19- RULES AND REGULATIONS WILL BE APPLIED. 

By “Checking The Box” below, you consent to Flinders Aquatic Academy using the photographs and/or videos listed below (which may contain your image) in any of its publications and materials (including written, electronic or multimedia materials) for distribution on Instagram or Facebook, for Flinders Aquatic Academy’s social media for educational, promotional or reporting purposes. When giving your permission, you should be aware that any information published on the internet is accessible to millions of users from all over the world, that it will be indexed by search engines and that it may be copied and used by any web user. This means that once the image is published on the internet, we will have no control over its subsequent use and disclosure. You also acknowledge that you are not entitled to any remuneration, royalties, or any other payment from Flinders Aquatic Academy in respect of the use by Flinders Aquatic Academy of the photographs and/or videos. Filming on your private phone is prohibited without consent. 

Please note that the centre is a large multipurpose facility and may be used for sporting events throughout the year. The Centre will use its best endeavours to accommodate all users of the Centre during these periods, ensuring every effort to keep you informed of potential disruptions or cancellations. This includes any unforeseen natural disaster/extreme weather, flash floods, pandemics. Flinders Aquatic Academy will not be at any liberty to offer make-up lessons or refunds, as this is something out of our control. Email correspondence will be issued in the unlikely event of a cancellation. Please check your email on extreme weather days. 

Flinders Aquatic Academy will be closed for all public holidays. An additional closure may apply to other holiday periods and will be advised promptly. Pupil free days we are always open. 

All members must provide a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice after the minimum term is completed. Notification is required in writing and can be forwarded via email. If you decide that your child will have a term off, they will require a re-assessment before re-joining, as swimmers are known to regress with absence from swimming. 

I acknowledge and agree that FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY, its employees, and contractors will not be liable for any loss, damage to any person’s belongings or properties arising from any acts or commissions by FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY, its employees and contractors or any participant in the FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY centre arising in relation to such loss or damage.

By “Checking The Box” below I acknowledge that I have read and understood all the TERMS and CONDITIONS regarding FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY program and services.

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