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How to Join USC Spartans Swim Club

This page explains how to join USC SPARTANS Swim Club. 
At Flinders Aquatic Academy we encourage our competitive age group swimmers (Ages 8yrs to 18yrs) to join the USC Spartans Swim Club. 
This is so they can compete at local Swim Meets, Development Swim Meets, Qualifying Swim Meets, Wide Bay Swimming Championships, Queensland State Swimming Championship, and National Age Swimming Championships.

Step1: Go to the Swimming QLD webpage at you will find a ‘Join Now’ button at the top of the page

Step 2: Select Region ‘Wide Bay’ and then Club ‘USC Spartans’ and go through the process of joining your swimmer/athlete up.

Step 3: Once you’ve joined via the QLD Swimming Page email our Secretary, Sharon McKeown on and let her know that you have joined up so we can approve your swimmer/athlete as a member of USC Spartans.

Step 4: Join the USC Spartans club app here to stay updated on Swim Meets and USC Spartans Swim club communications – click here to join USC TeamApp

Step 5: Join the USC Spartans Age Group Private facebook page see the conversations and photos from other team members etc – click here to join the Private Facebook Page

We look forward to welcoming you into the USC Spartans Swim Club!